VHRG Empire

- Playing and Advancing ForceMod III

The Venomous Heart's Royal Guard (VHRG) Empire represents the elite Sith Order of ForceMod III (FM3), chosen to defend and serve the High Lord.

Since its founding, VHRG has manifested a monarchical structure - a structure which serves to divide the strong from the weak within its Empire.

Through intense training, dedication, and focus, Sith within the VHRG Empire may advance through its ranks as they gain more experience, attain ever-greater power, and prove themselves worthy of our majesty - the High Lord.

Sith Acolyte

A disciple of the Sith Order.

Sith Acolytes, or Sith Initiates, are those who have pledged themselves to the teachings of the VHRG Empire.

Although most are often referred to as mere Dark Jedi, there are those who, if they show unique potential, may be chosen by a Sith Lord to teach them the true nature of the Dark Side and become Sith.

Despite the namesake, Sith Acolytes are not considered Sith, at least, not until one completes their training under a Sith Master.

Thus, the rank of Sith Acolyte does not change whether one has a Sith Master or not, however, one must learn from a Sith Lord in order to advance in rank.

The title of Sith Acolyte recognizes one who has now started on the dark path under the tutelage of a Sith Master to rightfully bear the mantle of Sith.

Sith Zealot

An emblem of the Sith Order.

The few Sith Acolytes who prove themselves able to master their training and advance to the degree that their Sith Masters deem worthy now rightfully bear the mantle of Sith.

Sith Zealots are the elite of the VHRG Empire, representing the few to have attained a true understanding of the Dark Side, and learned to bend it to their will.

Serving as living weapons and extensions of the High Lord's will, Sith Zealots are a force to be feared throughout the servers, as they take on only the most dangerous of missions for the VHRG Empire.

Identified by their Heart name, Sith Zealots are the most brutal force the VHRG Empire is capable of producing, conditioned to execute any order given to them by the High Lord.

The most exceptional of Sith Zealots may be elevated to the most coveted position of Sith Lord, if deemed worthy by the High Lord.

The title of Sith Zealot recognizes one who has been entrusted with the task of destroying VHRG Empire's enemies and enforcing its dominance across the servers.

Sith Lord

A leader of the Sith Order.

Sith Lords, or Sith Masters, are among the most elite of the VHRG Empire, for it is they who are truly terrifying.

To attain the rank of Sith Lord is considered the height of glory, and to be recognized as a Lord of the Sith grants one the authority to do as they please so long as it does not directly contradict the laws of the VHRG Empire, or that which is ordered by the High Lord.

Dreaded as they are renowned across the servers, Sith Lords are the most deadly of warriors - masters of combat technique.

Not limited by the reach of their lightsabers, however, Sith Lords are also most learned in Sith magics and sorcery.

Far surpassing the ferocity and prowess of the Sith Zealots, Sith Lords are masters of the Dark Side.

It is also at the rank of Sith Lord that one may seek out an apprentice, being guided by the will of the Dark Side, thus assuming the role of Sith Master.

The title of Sith Lord recognizes a master of Sith knowledge and combat technique.

Dark Lord

The greatest and most powerful of the Sith Lords.

The Dark Lord is the most powerful and skilled Sith within the VHRG Empire, with power and responsibility second only to that of the High Lord.

Chosen from within the ranks of the Sith Lords, either by rite of combat or by the High Lord based on their unparalleled skill, the Dark Lord represents the true elite of the VHRG Empire.

The Dark Lord is given near complete dominion over the various facets of the VHRG Empire, answering only to the High Lord.

This does not mean, however, that their position is secure; any who attain the rank of Sith Lord may challenge the Dark Lord for their title and position, if sanctioned by the High Lord.

As in accordance with the Sith Philosophy, the old falling and the new rising has always been the way of the Sith, and he who cannot defend his honor from a challenger is thereby deemed unworthy of it in the first place.

Serving directly under the High Lord, the Dark Lord serves as the instrument of the High Lord's will.

In the event that the High Lord is unable or unwilling to lead the VHRG Empire, the Dark Lord will serve as regent.

The title of Dark Lord recognizes the supreme commander of the VHRG Empire for the throne.

High Lord

The very embodiment of the Dark Side.

Feared by all across the servers, the High Lord is the most powerful and skilled Sith in FM3 history.

Once the most trusted adviser to the Sith Emperor, the High Lord is an elite master of the Dark Side and lightsaber combat alike.

Virtually invincible, very few have faced the High Lord on the battlefield and lived to tell the tale.

The High Lord can make changes to his Empire at any time, his word is law.

The High Lord controls his Empire wholly, and the Dark Lord shall serve as his hand to deliver his judgement if need be.

The title of High Lord recognizes the Ruler and Founder of the VHRG Empire.

Sith Emperor

Did you ever hear the Tragedy of the Sith Emperor? I thought not. It's not a story the Jedi would tell you. It's a Sith legend. 

The Sith Emperor was a Dark Lord of the Sith so powerful and so wise, he could use the Force to influence the midi-chlorians to create... the PHRG Empire.

He had such a knowledge of the Dark Side, he could even keep the mod he cared about... from dying.

He became so powerful, the only thing he was afraid of was losing his power... which, eventually of course, he did.

Unfortunately, he taught his apprentice everything he knew. Then his apprentice threw him from his tower.

It's ironic. He could save FM3 from death... but not himself.