VHRG Empire

- Playing and Advancing ForceMod III


Equipment & Upgrades

Cloaking: (Same key as Mindtrick, or use as an item)
- Allows one to become invisible for a short period of time
- Cannot be seen with Force Seeing
- Missiles lose lock on cloaked mercs
- Invisible to sentry guns
- Can attack while cloaked

Camouflage: (Stand still for 3 seconds to disappear) 
- Unlimited duration 
- Moving while crouched maintains camouflage
- If standing, must remain still to keep hidden

Optic Radar: (Same key as ForceSense, use like forcepower)
- Goggles send and receive radar waves 
- Can see moving characters, even through walls 
- Can see mindtricking Jedi/Sith

Thermal Vision: (Same key as ForceSense, use like forcepower)
- Goggles attuned to pick up body heat 
- Can see mindtricking Jedi/Sith
- Can see cloaked characters

Flame Gauntlet: (Same key as ForceLightning, use like forcepower)
- Flamethrower mounted on the Merc's left forearm
- Does constant damage to all engulfed targets
- Intense heat bypasses shields and damages tissue directly

Shield Charging: (Same key as ForceHeal, use like forcepower)
- Regenerate shields by drawing power from the battery cells

AmmoCell Regen: (Same key as Force TeamHeal, use like forcepower)
- Replenishes weapon ammunition via the battery cells

Jetpack: (Hold jump or press "Use" while airborne to activate jetpack)
(Land or press "Use" again to turn off)
- Jetpack can be destroyed 
- Powered by separate, self-replenishing fuel tank
- Flag carrier cannot use jetpack

Coomb Spores: (Same key as ForceLightning, use like force power)
- Deadly micro-organisms suffocate target
- Does constant damage to all engulfed targets
- Organisms bypass shields and attack lung tissue directly
- Powerful toxins eat away at inner circuitry in droids

- Friend and Foe (Shows all players on battlefield)
- Always on

Mobile Battery: - Serves as a power source for: 
- Optic Radar Goggles
- Flame Gauntlet
- Ammo Recharger
- Shield Regenerator 
- Charges over time

Grapple: (Bind key to "hook" or select key to bind in menu)
1. Press hook once to fire
2. Press again to swing at that distance
3. Press hook again to disengage grapple
- Pressing "Use" at anytime will disengage grapple 
- Utilizes Tercero's grapple model

Basic Hand-to-Hand Combat Training:
- Can fight using punches
- Knows basic directional kicks

Martial Arts Training:
- Can fight using punches
- Knows basic directional kicks
- Skilled in advanced, multiple-hit kicks
- Skilled in grappling and wrestling moves

Heavy Melee Combatant:
- Very powerful, often lethal melee attacks

Berserker Rage & Savage Fury:
(Same key as DarkRage, use like forcepower)
- Increased speed
- Increased damage
- Cannot be killed while in rage
- Slow and vulnerable after Rage is over

(Jump at a wall and hold jump to grab)
- Can turn and fire while clinging wall
- Press crouch to release grip on wall

Troop Leader:
- Commands a squad of NPCs

Auto-Dodge/Battle Senses:
- Chance to automatically dodge any incoming projectile

Life Leech:
- Each succesful attack returns life to the attacker

Battle Dash:
- Can run at 185% normal speed for a period of time

Scope Tracking:
- Can move while zoomed in with scope

Combat Roll ready:
- Players can roll while wielding guns
- Moves faster when zoomed 

- Player can fire weapons 30% faster

- Player can fire weapons 60% faster

Extra Heavy:
- Generally too heavy to lift or move
- Resistant to ForcePush and ForcePull
- Resistant to ForceGrip

- Immune to Force Drain
- Immune to Mind Trick
- Immune to Force Sense
- Immune to Force Heal

Full Force-Immune:
- Immune to all Force powers