VHRG Empire

- Playing and Advancing ForceMod III


1. Why should I even try ForceMod III out?

If you enjoy either hacking up gunners with a lightsaber or hunting Jedi as a bounty hunter, ForceMod may be the mod for you.

2. How do I use dual lightsabers or the Saberstaff?

In ForceMod III, the sabers have quite lethal damage, so you must have level 4 Saber Offense in order to select and wield the specialty sabers. Only 2 Jedi/Sith classes can learn this level of lightsaber proficiency.

3. How can I use both Light and Dark Sides of the Force?

See Client Commands in the Features section. 

4. How do I load ForceMod with the dedicated server?

add +fs_game ForceMod_3 to the command line.
ex. "C:\LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Academy\GameData\jkaded.exe" +set fs_game ForceMod_3

5. What are the new special moves?

See the Lightsabers section.

6. Where are all the player models I saw on the Classes page?

ForceMod III only includes a select few playermodels to keep the size down and prevent people from re-downloading models they might already have. See the Downloads section for links to sites that carry some of the recommended models.

7. Can I play as a Bounty Hunter with all the goodies AND Force Powers?

Not exactly. You can use gadgets if you're a Merc/Military/Species/Droid class, and forcepowers only if you're a Jedi or Sith.

8. My buddy has a Macintosh, can he play ForceMod too?

Unfortunately, ForceMod III has not been ported over to the Mac because of a few problems with the Mac SDK. As soon as these problems are sorted out, I will pursue efforts to release a Mac version.

9. How does the grapple work?

First, make sure the grapple is available for your class. Next you'll have to bind a key to use for it (again, look in the menus). If you've got all this set, then using the grapple is simple. Fire once to latch, once again to stop, and once more to free. Also, pressing the grapple button rapidly will disengage the grapple. 

10. How does the jetpack work?

Similar to the grappling hook, make sure it's turned on and available for your class (use the ForceMod menus or refer to the CVAR section for more info). Once you've bound it to a key (again via menus), press the button once to start your jetpack engine(s). You must hold jump while airborne to ignite the jetpack, and then you may use the jump & croutch keys to control your ascent/descent. 

11. Why doesn't ammo regen recharge the such-and-such gun?

Take a look at the classes section to see if the Merc you're using can regenerate the ammo type specific to your gun. For example, the Heavy Soldier only regenerates Metallic Bolt ammo. 

12. How do i use dualguns?

Make sure dualguns is listed under your the class you've chosen as a default ability, then switch to the primary weapon and start blasting! :) 

13. How do i block lightning with my saber?

You must have level 3 or above Saber Offence, and you'll also need to keep your opponent in your crosshairs to be successful. 

14. How can i make this new model i just got a bounty hunter when it's a bot?

You have two ways of accomplishing this, either by using the cvar f_defaultclass (as outlined in the cvar section) or add a new line for your bot in botclasses.ini (details are in the file). Modellers who wish to include such specifications in the botfiles of a model are given instructions in "note_to_modelers.txt"

15. What's the difference between cloaking and mindtrick?

Cloaking is in some ways more effective, as you can attack while cloaked and can't be detected by Force Seeing. However you aren't 100% invisible, so discriminating players (and bots) can still find you if you are in range. Cloaking also makes you invisible to missiles and sentry guns.

16. What's the difference between optic radar and force seeing?

Like cloaking, in some ways optic radar is more effective than force seeing, as optic radar can see even the most advanced Jedi with mindtrick on. But the nature of the goggles makes it difficult to see your surroundings as well.

17. How do I use NPCs?

Only classes designated as Troopleaders will receive NPC support. There are 4 commands you can use to loosely define a Squadmates's behavior:

- The group should just roam freely and attack at their own whim.

- The troop should hold their ground and defend the current location.

- The squad should advance and attack the designated enemy.

- The basic behavior the troop starts with where they flank you and patrol as a unit.

Just bind these to a key or type them in the console to alter the default behavior of your troops. 

18. How do I fire the Mandalorian/Super battle Droid rocket?

Crouch to lock onto a target, then press "Use" to launch a guided missile.


1. ForceMod III doesn't load. Gives a white screen and a user interface error

Try updating to the 1.01 patch. If this doesn't work you may have a mod in your base directory that is interfereing with the mod. Try removing all mods from your base directory.

2. ForceMod III isn't in the mods menu.

Make sure all the files from the zip end up Gamedata/ForceMod_III

3. ForceMod behaves strangely

Another mod may be interfering. ForceMod is most likely incompatible with any other mods that alter code. You can see if a mod alters code by opening up the .pk3 files with WinZIP (or a comparable utility) and seeing if it has any .dll files inside. If it does, it likely won't work with Forcemod III. Try removing all mods from your base directory if you can't open them for some reason.

4. How come my model doesn't scale to the right size?

First, make sure model scaling is turned on (f_scaleModels should be set to 1). If it is, then you may need to edit your 'modelscale.ini' file and add a line for your model. For example, here's the line for Jango Fett: 

"jango_fett" 1.01

The number "1.01" is his height (1 = two meters or roughly six feet) proportional to Kyle.

5. Why doesn't my saberblade skin mod show up in forcemod?

As mentioned before, ForceMod does not play well with other mods. The new set of 16 saber blade skins included in ForceMod use a different naming convention, and so new saber skins can be easily added by simply changing the names of the skins.

6. I keep getting the error: "Vehicle extensions (*.veh) are too large"?

ForceMod III does not yet have extra vehicle support, and can only load a small number of vehicles. This will be fixed in a patch, but simply removing the number of vehicles in your base directory will solve the problem.