VHRG Empire

- Playing and Advancing ForceMod III


In 2006, 2 Dark Lords constructed a Sith Empire for ForceMod III (FM3) to combat and destroy the Jedi of UFM3S (United ForceMod 3 Servers), in what would later be known as the Server Wars.

Upon the construction of their empire, the Dark Lords shed their names to become Pitchest^Heart (formerly OGOO7J1) and Venomous^Heart (formerly BaudEagle).

In Pitchest^Heart's honor, that empire would be named the PHRG (Pitchest Heart's Royal Guard) Empire, for it was his vision that had served as the foundation for their grand project.

Although both Pitchest^Heart and Venomous^Heart were, for all intents and purposes, Dark Lords, they decided that it would be in their empire's best interests if they were to assume different titles in order to clarify their respective roles within PHRG.

As founder, Pitchest^Heart assumed the role of Sith Emperor - Ruler of the PHRG Empire, while Venomous^Heart, as co-founder, assumed the role of High Lord - The Emperor's most trusted adviser.

Following the Server Wars against UFM3S (dramatized in ForceMod III - The Movie), the PHRG Empire became the leading force in FM3 development and competitive FM3 FFA play.

Today, however, the PHRG Empire's legacy is continued by the VHRG (Venomous Heart's Royal Guard) Empire and is led by Venomous^Heart, the High Lord, and Forsaken^Heart, the Dark Lord.

As founder of the VHRG Empire, High Lord Venomous^Heart retains the same role as that of the Sith Emperor before him, while Dark Lord Forsaken^Heart, serves as the High Lord's imperial hand.

Their new empire now consists of members who have dedicated themselves to advancing, innovating, and enriching the ForceMod III experience for all to enjoy.

The VHRG Empire currently hosts 1 Part-Time FFA Public Server that runs our most recent module: 

ForceMod III - Return of The Emperor v2.00

>:[ >:[ >:[ >:[ >:[ MEMBER RULES >:[ >:[ >:[ >:[ >:[

All current VHRG Members and any new players wishing to join the VHRG Empire must understand and adhere to the following doctrine, rules, and policies:


VHRG do not complain when they lose.

VHRG are loyal to one another, because in VHRG, loyalty is more important an asset than skill (although we do pride ourselves on representing the competitive elite of FM3).

VHRG is not a democracy. High Lord Venomous can make changes to VHRG and revise any portion of these rules and policies at any time. His word is law. If you disagree, then you do not belong in VHRG.


We welcome anyone into VHRG who wish to become part of its Empire, given that they can follow the simple doctrine above. 

If you have interest in joining the VHRG Empire, then let it be known on the Forums, and add the VHRG title after your name, devoid of the color Red, until you advance in rank.

From that point forward, you will be expected to use that name any time you are playing FM3 (except on RPG servers).

If you are caught using multiple names in FM3 FFA, then you will be cast out of VHRG. 

This also goes for any act that High Lord Venomous deems disloyal to the VHRG Empire.


Our rules are simple - No invisible skins or sabers, no server crashing, no wall hacks, the pistol glitch and white saber glitch are not allowed (if you do this on accident, then simply self kill and fix it, no big deal).

Our stance on cussing - The stand has always been that if you are old enough to play a game that revolves around killing, then you are old enough to hear some bad words. We of course reserve the right to kick/ban anyone who takes things too far.

All classes and tactics, are of course, allowed so long as the above rules are followed.



The VHRG Empire is an Active Organization, meaning that its members must make an effort to play on occasion. 

We expect members to be present on the VHRG Servers at least once every other week. 

If there are reasons that you cannot play due to outside circumstances (school, work, etc.), then we will understand (if you will not be present for 2 weeks or more, please make a post on the Forums or E-mail us explaining why).


If a member does not meet the criteria expressed in the Active Member Policy, then they will become "Inactive." 

This does not mean that you will lose your rank, or become expelled, however, you will no longer retain the privileges of the rank and status you once had. 

If there are any members who are approaching inactive status, then we will do our best to send out a reminder via E-mail and/or on the forums. 

If you are not present on the Forums, and/or do not respond to your E-mail, then you ultimately run the risk of becoming inactive. 

Once becoming inactive, you must remove your Heart title, if you ever intend on returning to play on any of the VHRG servers.

Inactive members who continue to play with their Heart title, and do not adhere to this removal process, will then run the of risk becoming permanently expelled from VHRG.


Any inactive members who wish to regain active status must contact one of the Dark Lords via E-mail and/or on the Forums to make a request.

The Dark Lords will discuss what conditions must be met in order for the inactive member in question to regain active status.

This will, of course, vary depending on member, circumstance, and the duration of that member's absence. 

Members who regain active status will then reclaim the privileges of their rank prior to becoming inactive.

>:[ >:[ >:[ >:[ >:[ END OF MEMBER RULES >:[ >:[ >:[ >:[ >:[


We wish to thank all members who participate in our empire. Although we understand that sometimes the doctrine, rules, and policies above may seem extreme, please understand that VHRG represents the elite when it comes to FM3 FFA combat. Any player who has acquired rank can tell you the amount of training, dedication, and skill level that is required to achieve these. As in life, nothing comes easy, and neither is climbing the ranks in VHRG. The advanced VHRG members are no doubt among the deadliest players you will ever run across on the servers thanks to VHRG's proven combat and testing environment. All VHRG members should take great pride in this.

See you on the Servers!

VHRG Staff