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Ultimate ForceMod Combat (UFMC) is a new game mode included in ForceMod III - Return of The Emperor (FM3RE) by the VHRG Empire.

Players select their 9 member squads and battle against one another on designated maps under a set of specific rules.

ForceMod III - Return of The Emperor (FM3RE v2.00) is the specific game module that is currently used as our platform.




* At least 3 players are required in order for UFMC to work properly. 2 players to compete against one another and 1 jointly appointed player to act as the judge.

* It is required that the competing players jointly appoint a judge who can then oversee their battle, keep track of points earned, note units lost, and ensure that each player is competing both fairly and honestly - by the rules.

* Players are required to manually exchange their team information with the jointly appointed judge so that said judge can then ensure that all competing players' created teams abide by UFMC rules so that battles run smoothly between all players.


* Players strategically select their 9 unit squads, manually input their team information using the UFMC mini-menu button (once their team is approved by the jointly appointed judge), and compete against one another on a jointly designated map.

* After setting up the match, according to these rules, players will then select a unit from their created team, wait for the opposing player to be ready, wait for the judge to say "Go" to begin the match, and then spawn their chosen unit to battle.

* When a player loses a unit in battle, they are required to mark said lost unit from their team as "killed" by using the UFMC mini-menu button.

  - The jointly appointed judge will supervise this to ensure fair play between players.




* There are two types of UFMC games: Timed & Total-Elimination


* Timed Games

  - These can range from anywhere up to 60 minutes per match. 

  - The match ends when either the time runs out or if one player's squad is completely eliminated. 

  - If it’s a timed game, then when the time runs out, the scores will be added for both players and a winner is declared by the judge.


* Elimination Games 

  - These end only when one squad is completely wiped out. 

  - Scores are maintained for record purposes but the winner will progress to the next match.





* Players can score points by both eliminating enemy units and adding up your remaining units at the end of the match. 

  - Score categories are broken down by the following classes and point categories:


Warrior (4 Total Units)

Points each: 3

Classes: StormTrooper, CloneTrooper, Battle Droid, Super Battle Droid


Elite Guard (2 Total Units)

Points each: 4

Classes: Hotshot, Commando, Noghri Warrior, Yuuzhan Vong, Gungan, Droideka, DarkTrooper


Intelligence Officer (2 Total Units)

Points each: 8

Classes: Bounty Hunter, SpaceTrooper, ScoutTrooper, Assassin Droid


Commander (1 Total Unit)

Points each: 8

Classes: Mandalorian, Royal Guard, ARC Trooper, Wookiee, Tusken Raider


General (1 Total Unit)

Points each: 10

Classes: Warden, Cardinal, Aurorian, Zealot, Sentinel, Crypt Guardian, Ancient One, Dark Sage

* Each player’s squad will be worth a total of 50 points. 

  - It’s possible to score a total of 100 points (perfect score) if you were to eliminate all enemy units with no losses of your own.





* Matches will be supervised by the jointly appointed judge.

* The judge will ask if the participants are ready to play, then do a 5 second countdown, and then say “Go” to begin the match.

* Each player, respectively, can request a "timeout" in case of any real-life emergencies, important phone calls, etc.

  - The judge has full discretion in approving or rejecting any timeout request(s).

  - The judge can call a timeout at anytime, however, for any reason.

  - When a timeout is called, both players must stop in their tracks.

  - The judge will resume the match with a “Go” when appropriate.

* If a player were to become stuck on the map, it’s up to the judge and the enemy player to decide if the affected player can spec & restart their unit. 

  - Or, if they jointly prefer, the players can try to wait out the glitch. 

  - Or, the enemy player may rather decide to pursue and kill the stuck player. 

  - Both players, respectively, can request to spec & restart their unit once per match.

* If both players camp-out for too long, the judge will give a warning. 

  - If a player does not move their unit after a few minutes, then the judge will order that the player must either begin participating in battle or forfeit their chosen unit.

* Each match for UFMC should last anywhere up to 60 minutes. 

  - The judge will begin calling out end-of-time warnings for remaining minutes, starting at 15 minutes, 10 minutes, 5 minutes and 1 minute time marks. 

  - The match will end when the map time stops.

  - Points will then be tallied for timed events to determine the winner (if no one side is eliminated).

* Players who do not follow the rules or requests from the judge, will 1st receive a warning. 

  - If the respective player still does not follow the judge’s command, then the judge can do anything from ordering a suicide (using the Suicide mini-menu button), to full disqualification from the match. 

* Judges should follow these official rules to the best of their ability. 

  - If an unexpected event occurs during the match, which is not listed in these rules, the judge has full discretion in making any adjustments to the match that will be fair for both sides.




* Credit for creating UFMC and designing the new UFMC mini-menu button goes to my mentor, Venomous^Heart >:[

Please enjoy Ultimate ForceMod Combat (UFMC) and may the force be with you,

Blackwyrm^Heart >:[

"The Emperor is not as forgiving as I am..."