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- Playing and Advancing ForceMod III


ForceMod III - Return of The Emperor (FM3RE) is an immersive and innovative mod by the VHRG Empire for the award-winning Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy (JKIII) game that any Star Wars fan could enjoy.

FM3RE represents my vision for what FM3 should be, that is, a mod which combines elements from Official Canon (The Films, The Clone Wars, Rebels, etc.) and Legends Canon (The Expanded Universe) into one complete package.

Although FM3RE has technically only been in development for 4 years, my vision for FM3RE has been in development since the formation of my clan in 2006.

Thus, after more than 10 years in the making, ForceMod III - Return of The Emperor has finally arrived...

Players can choose from 29 unique Classes in 6 different Factions:
  - Jedi: Warden, Aurorian, Sentinel, Ancient One
  - Sith: Cardinal, Zealot, Crypt Guardian, Dark Sage
  - Merc: Mandalorian, Bounty Hunter, HotShot, Commando
  - Military: Stormtrooper, Spacetrooper, Clonetrooper, Royal Guard, Scout, ARC Trooper
  - Species: Wookiee, Tusken Raider, Noghri Warrior, Yuuzhan Vong, Gungan
  - Droid: Battle Droid, Super Battle Droid, Droideka, Assassin Droid, Darktrooper

Players also have access to:
  - Level 4 Force Powers, combine Light & Dark Sides, Charged Powers, 5 new Force Ranks
  - Merc Gadgets: Jetpack, Cloaking, Dual Pistols, Flame Gauntlet, Radar, Camouflage, and more
  - Model Scaling, Class based Model System, Bot Class support
  - Includes Tchouky's Advanced RGB Sabers
  - And much, much more...

Based off of the popular ForceMod III - Return of the Sith by Azymn, the ultimate ForceMod III module awaits you.

The Emperor Has Returned...



* In order to install FM3RE you must have pre-installed the LucasArts Jedi Academy game along with its 1.01 patch


* INSTALLATION FOR NEW FM3 PLAYERS: Put the "ForceMod_III" folder into your gamedata folder

* INSTALLATION FOR EXISTING FM3 PLAYERS: 1st Rename your previous ForceMod_III folder from within the gamedata folder as a backup, copy in the new ForceMod_III folder into the gamedata folder 

* TO AVOID ANY CONFLICTS: Please make sure your Base folder does not have extra files other than the starting JA default files (assets0.pk3, assets1.pk3, assets2.pk3, assets3.pk3). If you add additional map files, for instance, just make sure you test it with the mod to look for any issues or conflicts 

* TO PLAY: Click on “Play_FM3RE.bat" in your "Forcemod_III" folder. You can also create a copy of the shortcut on your desktop

* TO RUN A WINDOWS SERVER: click on "Run_FM3RE_server.bat" in your "Forcemod_III" folder (open "fm3server.cfg" to set up your server). I recommend creating a copy of the shortcut on your desktop


* Updated Bot Files
  - Updated bot selection: 77 quality bot options
  - Removed Droideka bot + Droideka personality botfile due to in-game performance issues
  - Revised Jedi/Sith personality botfiles

* Updated Effects
  - Added UltimateWeapons v1.3 weapon effects

* Updated NPCs
  - Updated NPC player models
  - Revised storm trooper NPC stats
  - Revised clone trooper NPC stats
  - Revised battle droid NPC stats

* Updated Saber Files
  - Revised Royal Guard weapon stats
  - Revised Noghri Warrior weapon stats
  - Revised Tusken Raider weapon stats and katas
  - Revised Yuuzhan Vong weapon stats
  - Reset Saberstaff saber lengths to *32*

* Updated Graphics (GFX) Files
  - Added Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith Revised Lightsaber Blades Revised modification
  - Added Ultimate Force Icons Mod v 2.01b graphics
  - Added UltimateWeapons v1.3 weapon graphics

* Updated Menus
  - Updated splash image
  - Updated loading screen images
  - Updated game console " ~ " image

* Updated Player Models
  - Updated player model selection: over 400 quality player model options
  - 204 default character options
  - 120 team blue character options
  - 120 team red character options
  - 14 customizable character options
  - Customizable character options encompass a variety of classes/factions

* Updated Weapons
  - Removed all three pre-existing backhand lightsaber hilts, then added them back in as standard single lightsaber hilts
  - Added HD-DL44 v1 Heavy Blaster Pistol modification
  - Added UltimateWeapons v1.3 weapon modifications

* Updated Shaders
  - Added Ultimate Force Icons Mod v 2.01b shaders
  - Added UltimateWeapons v1.3 weapon shaders

* Updated Sounds
  - Updated button1, choose_color/head/torso, escape, menuroam, and transition interface sounds
  - Updated respawn1, use_bacta, pickupenergy/health/shield item sounds
  - Updated jetpack sounds
  - Updated droideka_laster sounds

* Updated Player Model Sounds
  - Updated and revised all character sound folders
  - Implemented multiple player model sound directories per player model folder (when applicable)
  - Added FixedVChat modification

* Updated Weapon Sounds
  - Updated change, key_pkup, noammo, overchargeend/fast/loop/low, and w_pkup sounds
  - Added sabersoundsV1 modification
  - Added UltimateWeapons v1.3 weapon sounds

* Updated Strings
  - Renamed Bryar Blaster Pistol to Dual Westar Pistols (its proper name in FM3)
  - Edited lightsaber move descriptions
  - Edited main menu + in-game weapon descriptions with the UltimateWeapons v1.3 modification

* Updated Textures
  - Added Better Lightsaber caps v2 modification

* Updated UI Jamp Files
  - Revised in-game menus
  - Fixed in-game menu buttons

* Updated .ini Files
  - Revised botclasses.ini
  - Revised modelclass.ini
  - Revised modelscale.ini

* Updated FM3assets.pk3 Player Models
  - Updated FM3assets.pk3 player model selection: 50 quality player model options
  - 24 Jedi Academy (JKIII) character options
  - 26 VHRG Empire (Clan) character options

* Included readme-FM3assets Models.txt in the ForceMod_III folder
  - Details how players can access FM3assets.pk3 player models in-game via the game console " ~ "

* Introduced Ultimate ForceMod Combat (UFMC), a new game mode offered exclusively for ForceMod III - Return of The Emperor (FM3RE)
  - Added UFMC mini-menu button, allowing players to manually input their team information (player-created 9 unit squad)
  - All credit for the creation of UFMC and the new UFMC mini-menu button goes to my mentor, Venomous^Heart >:[

* Included readme-UFMC.txt in the ForceMod_III folder
  - Details VHRG's official UFMC play rules, game types, scoring description, and match rules

* Updated readme follows:


* New Bot Files
  - I absolutely maxed out the bot selection for FM3RE
  - Current bot offerings/types include:
  (3) Warden
(12) Aurorian
  (3) Sentinel
  (3) Cardinal
(12) Zealot
  (3) Crypt Guardian
  (1) Lord Vader [Specialty bot]
  (5) Mandalorian
  (8) Hotshot
  (4) Commando
  (4) Stormtrooper
  (1) Spacetrooper
  (8) Clonetrooper
  (4) Battle Droid
  (1) Super Battle Droid
  (3) Assassin Droid
  (1) Darktrooper
  (1) Yuuzhan Vong
(77) Total bots
  - These classes were picked for bots because they bring one or more attributes that make for better bots than other classes would
  - These bots have high levels of aim, reaction time, 360 degree turn capability, and carefully chosen priorities on the weapons they use 
  - Bots will use inventory items and devices such as ammo/shield regens and bacta tanks
  - All Jedi/Sith botfiles have been modified, if only slightly for some
  - All Jedi/Sith bots carry their own unique in-universe lightsabers
  - However, due to FM3's hardcode, single saber wielding Jedi/Sith bots will switch to the "Arbiter" saber after death, but will still retain their proper lightsaber color
  - Jedi/Sith bots will counter any force powers used against them with their own unique set of powerful force abilities
  - Those pesky Jedi bots will be much more fun to fight against now, since I removed their Mind Trick ability
  - Likewise, all of the Jedi/Sith bots will be much more fun to fight against now with the new bot file revisions
  - After observing several matches to 50 kills, it seems to me as though each of the Jedi/Sith bots now stand fairly equal chance against one another in combat, with each bot having their own respective strengths and weaknesses
  - No one Jedi/Sith bot was ever consistently better than the rest, though dual saber bots and saberstaff bots typically do well
  - The bot's outcome in the match (or K/D ratio) was dependent on that bot's good fortune, spawn points, and matchups
  - I also created a new botfile for Lord Vader, modified to better represent his character (equipped with the force grip and saber throw abilities, no lightning)

* New Effects
  - Thanks to the UltimateWeapons v1.3 modification, all weapons now have enhanced impact and explosion effects to better resemble those seen in the movies

* New NPCs (Only to be used in Solo or Local Games to avoid a server crash)
  - Updated player models and revised stats for improved NPCs

* New Saber Files
  - Saber stats have now been standardized so that each weapon has the same advantages in combat
  - All weapon stats (besides species weapons) have become defaulted in terms of stats on the hilts, this was done to strike balance
  - I believe that if every saber hilt carries the same stats, then that is the very definition of balance
  - I also believe that a player should never be punished for playing a particular hilt they would like to use, such as when that particular hilt carries stats that the player would rather not want to be using
  - I did make 2-3 exceptions with the Glory of the Sith sword, Kylo Ren's lightsaber, and the Magna Guard's Electrostaff weapon
  - I don't want to punish anyone for using these weapons, so for now, I won't be playing around any further with their saber stats
  - However, if these weapons start to become a problem (which they might, especially perhaps the Kylo Ren saber) then I will probably just remove whichever problem weapon from the game and replace it with a standard hilt 
  - I'd prefer to swap any of these out for a standard saber rather than hinder stats, since things like disarmable sabers just make the game less fun for the player who wanted to use the weapon
  - Hence why saberstaffs and dual sabers are no longer disarmable

* New Graphics (GFX) Files
  - Added zSWTORCursor modification
  - Added High Quality Animated Chat Icon modification
  - Added High Quality Voice Icon modification
  - Added blue radar to fit FM3RE's theme
  - Added Zam Wesell's Episode II Sniper Scope modification
  - Thanks to Venomous^Heart >:[, charged force power icons now reflect the player's respective jedi/sith faction
  - Thanks to the Ultimate Force Icons v 2.01b modification, all JKA force power icons are colored and glowing, with a stylized background
  - Thanks to the UltimateWeapons v1.3 modification, all weapon icons have been updated to display improved weapons

* New Menus
  - FM3RE has a Galactic Empire theme with Death Star aesthetics
  - Loading screens tell the story of Emperor Palpatine: Starting from his time as Darth Plagueis' apprentice, all the way to the Episode VI battle between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader in the Emperor's throne room

* New HUDs
  - Each faction (Jedi, Sith, Mercenary, Military, Species, Droids) has a unique HUD symbol
  - New "Emperor's Tower-Window" HUDs were added by Venomous^Heart >:[ to further fit the theme of FM3RE

* New Animations
  - Added new jump animation
  - Created new saber animations
  - Actual performance improvements for lightsaber combat were confirmed by my colleagues and beta testers

* New Saber Forms (Animations & Katas)
  - This chart reflects the updated Saber Forms & Modifications applied:
  Blue – Modifications by VH [Saber Animations + Modified Kata Animations]
  Yellow – Vanilla FM3 Settings
  Red – Modifications by VH [Additional Speed + Modified Special Kata]
  Green – Modifications by PH, VH, & BH [Saber Animations + Modified Special Kata]
  Purple – Modifications by VH [Saber Animations]
  White – Modifications by VH & BH [Kata Animations + Modified Special Kata]
  Orange – Modifications by VH & BH [Kata Animations + Modified Special Kata]
  Duals – Modifications by VH & BH [Kata Animations + Modified Special Kata]
  Staff – Modifications by BH [Kata Animations]

* New Species Weapon Katas 
  - Introduced to supplement player immersion within FM3RE and improve species classes
  - New weapon katas used by species classes make combat more authentic and practical

* New Player Models
  - I absolutely maxed out the character roster for FM3RE
  - Team Blue/Red player models were used for different variations of certain characters when applicable
  - For example, Anakin's Robed player model can be found under Team Blue whereas Anakin's Hooded player model can be found under Team Red
  - This same example applies to all other applicable characters
  - When not applicable (as is the case with several Jedi/Sith characters): if the character has a Robed player model but not a Hooded player model, then that character's Robed version can be found under Team Blue, while that character's default version can be found under Team Red
  - The opposite can also be true: if the character has a Hooded player model but not a Robed player model, then that character's Hooded version can be found under Team Red, while that character's default version can be found under Team Blue
  - This was done so that players, in team battles, could still recognize their team members (just in case of players on the opposing team using the same character as your teammate)
  - By taking advantage of FM3's Team Blue/Red feature, I was able to surpass the set character limit within FM3 and give players more character options to choose from
  - I utilized some of MBII's player model icons and player models; and as such, have done my best to give proper credit to each individual developer's hard work

* New Lightsaber Hilts
  - I absolutely maxed out the lightsaber hilt selection for FM3RE
  - Updated lightsaber hilt selection: 72 quality lightsaber options
  - 63 standard lightsaber hilt options
  - 9 saberstaff hilt options

* New Weapons
  - Thanks to the UltimateWeapons v1.3 modification, all weapons have been enhanced to better resemble the movies and achieve more StarWars-like aesthetics

* New Music
  - 45 music soundtracks to choose from consisting of various JKIII original tracks and 9 additional tracks:
  - 5 from the Sith J Culls EP III Map Pack
  - 1 from the JediCouncilGCX Map
  - Added Duel of the fates (Dubstep Remix) by backyardsputnik
  - Added Star Wars Theme (Techno Remix) by Edvinuxas111
  - Added Jedi Theme (Electro Remix) by Edvinuxas111

* New Shaders
  - Thanks to the UltimateWeapons v1.3 modification, weapon models (including BaseJKA sabers) have been enhanced by a chrome shader, giving them a shiny aesthetic
  - Improved shaders carried over from the UltimateWeapons v1.3 modification make FM3RE visually competitive with the best mods out there, comparable even
  - Updated shaders also work to further supplement player immersion within FM3RE, achieving more StarWars-like aesthetics

* New Player Model Sounds
  - I went through each character's respective sound folder(s) and hand-selected their anger sound(s), death sound(s), falling sound(s), gloat sound(s), taunt sound(s), victory sound(s), and other sounds
  - Some taunts are simply just better than others sometimes, so I do hope you enjoy the ones I've selected
  - All player models have had their annoying standard jumping grunt sounds removed, leaving only the sound of their feet tapping the ground as they land
  - I utilized some of MBII's character sounds; and as such, have done my best to give proper credit to each individual developer's hard work

* New Weapon Sounds
  - Thanks to the sabersoundsV1 modification, lightsaber sounds now have more realistic, StarWars-like sounds while dueling and swinging
  - Thanks to the UltimateWeapons v1.3 modification, all weapon sounds have been enhanced to sound more akin those heard in the movies

* New Strings
  - Updated strings explain which class(es) or faction(s) each customizable character is applicable for
  - Altered main menu + in-game texts to reflect new weapon changes

* New Textures
  - Updated textures work to further supplement player immersion within FM3RE and achieve more StarWars-like aesthetics

* New UI Jamp Files
  - Added to provide better utility for players in FM3RE
  - Many of the new in-game menus have been recycled from VHRG's previous FM3 modules

* New Droideka
  - I always thought there was something iffy about the default droideka being able to withstand so many strikes by a lightsaber before finally falling over
  - To say that the default droideka was "over-powered" would be an understatement
  - To fix the droideka shield glitch, the shields had to be removed (they only appear around the Droideka for effect)
  - Thus, Droideka Health/Shields have been restricted to: (300/0) making combat more authentic, practical, and immersive for players
  - This was a welcome and much needed modification according to my colleagues and beta testers
  - Other Droideka upgrades include: better turns, better brakes, and defense piercing blasters
  - The Droideka's previous dimensions were slightly too large in the original FM3 so they would not be able to pass through certain spots in the default JKIII maps
  - By lowering these dimensions just slightly, this has been fixed

* New Main Menu Video
  - Added the Episode VI throne room battle between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader to serve as FM3RE's main menu video

* New Model Class System
  - I did thorough research (typically using the Official Star Wars Databank or Wookieepedia) to help determine which class(es) each character was best fit for in FM3RE
  - I hope you all enjoy FM3RE's vast character model selection and are satisfied with which class(es) I chose for each character to represent

* New Bot Class System
  - Following from my work with the Model Class System, I decided which class each character was best fit for as a bot
  - It was difficult for me to narrow down which characters would best represent each class, so I did my best in this area
  - I hope you all enjoy facing off against these bots and are satisfied with who I chose to be your potential opponents

* New Model Scale System
  - I did thorough research (typically using the Official Star Wars Databank or Wookieepedia) to help determine which size each character needed to be in FM3RE
  - I did this by creating a model scale conversion system, one which I would highly encourage others to use as well when importing personal player models

* Model Scale Conversion System:
  Actual Size (In Meters) = Game Size (In FM3RE)
  1.4                     = 0.60
  1.45                   = 0.65
  1.5                     = 0.70
  1.55                   = 0.75
  1.6                     = 0.80
  1.65                   = 0.85
  1.7                     = 0.90
  1.75                   = 0.95
  1.8                     = 1.00
  1.85                   = 1.05
  1.9                     = 1.10
  1.95                   = 1.15
  2.0                     = 1.20
  2.05                   = 1.25
  2.1                     = 1.30
  2.15                   = 1.35
  2.2 & Above     = 1.40
* New Noghri Warrior Class Size
  - Increased Noghri player model size to "0.90"
  - This was a welcome change to FM3, according to my colleagues and beta testers

* New FM3assets.pk3 Player Models
  - I was able to keep unique characters in the game who unfortunately didn't make the final cut for FM3RE's primary character roster
  - I apologize if any of your favorite default JKIII player models were not included in FM3RE's extensive character roster!
  - If you wish to use any of the "left out" player models or default JKIII player models, the included readme-FM3assets Models.txt in the ForceMod_III folder details how players can access FM3assets.pk3 player models in-game via the game console " ~ "
  - As long as you're using the class(es) assigned to that particular character and input the correct player model name, you'll be good to go!

* Introduced Ultimate ForceMod Combat (UFMC)
  - UFMC is a new game mode offered exclusively for ForceMod III - Return of The Emperor (FM3RE)
  - If you would like to try out UFMC, the included readme-UFMC.txt in the ForceMod_III folder details VHRG's official UFMC play rules, game types, scoring description, and match rules
  - The new UFMC mini-menu button allows the player to manually input their team information (player-created 9 unit squad) and battle against another player in strategic 1 v 1 combat
  - All credit for the creation of UFMC and the new UFMC mini-menu button goes to my mentor, Venomous^Heart >:[


* Realistic Lightsaber Combat
  - One of FM3RE's key features - separating it from other mods
  - Defeating your opponent in lightsaber combat in FM3RE involves much more than just who can land the most lightsaber strikes...
  - To become a master of the battlefield in lightsaber combat in FM3RE, a player will need to utilize the environment around them for acrobatics, use their wit, use their force powers if needed, and know the perfect time to strike a finishing blow, hopefully
  - Encounters with other duelists on the battlefield in FM3RE requires strategy, as a lightsaber duelist would need to use for combat within the Star Wars universe
  - Likewise, if one were to be faced with an inexperienced duelist, the encounter may be as simple as activating force speed and cleaving that opponent in 2
  - The ultimate goal behind FM3RE's realistic lightsaber combat is balance
  - Balance is always difficult to achieve in any mod however, and there are different approaches (as seen in various mods) towards hitting that balance
  - We at VHRG feel as though we have struck that balance with realistic lightsaber combat in FM3RE

* All 7 Traditional Lightsaber Forms
  - Form I - Shii-Cho (Yellow Style):
  Level 2 Saber Offense Required

  - Form II - Makashi (White Style):
  Dual Lightsaber wielder primary stance
  Level 4 Saber Offense Required

  - Form III - Soresu (Blue Style):
  Level 1 Saber Offense Required

  - Form IV - Ataru (Green Style):
  Level 4 Saber Offense Required

  - Form V - Shien/Djem-So (Red Style):
  Level 3 Saber Offense Required

  - Form VI - Niman (Orange Style):
  Saberstaff wielder primary stance
  Level 4 Saber Offense Required

  - Form VII - Juyo (Purple Style):
  Level 4 Saber Offense Required

* New In-Game Menu System Additions
  - Bonus Buttons:
  Contains a total of 10 On and Off buttons: Show FPS, Map-Timer, Lagometer, HUD Display, CrosshairColor, Saber Trail, Speed Trail, Draw Gun, Map Items 2D, and Disable Sky

  - Configs:
  Contains 60 Save and 60 Selection slots so you can save your configuration for each class
  There are a total of 2 Save and Select slots for each class (Jedi and Sith both have 2 extra additional slots)

  - Optimize: 
  To help improve game performance and reduce lag, an advanced optimizer has been added
  You can either select one of 5 pre-configs based on your ping
  For manual control there are 5 slide buttons along with 4 push buttons that you can use in conjunction with lagometer

  - XBinds: 
  You can setup a bind key for a demo recorder and various inventory items (Bacta, Big Bacta, Stationary Shield, Seeker Drone, Sentry Drone, E-Web Turret, Wester Pistols)
  Some extra features can be bound to keys via the "XBINDS" menu including a 4th person view, zoom in and out, a demo recorder and hotkeys for inventory items

  - Suicide: 
  This allows your character to instantly commit suicide

  - Crosshairs:
  You can access a selection of various crosshairs in the main menu after choosing a saber in profile or in the "AIMING" menu while in a game

  - VIEWS:
  Adjust various aspects of the camera's position in relation to your character

* Tchouky's Advanced RGB Lightsabers
  - Toggle on/off clientside, for those who prefer the regular six colors
  - Ingame menus
  - Black saber option available (toggleable)
  - Color cycling sabers available with scripts

* Dynamic Star Wars Model Support
  - Class based Model System allows servers to preserve true Star Wars feel for each model
  - Bots are assigned proper classes via the 'botclasses.ini'
  - Player Models are assigned proper classes via the 'modelclass.ini'
  - Player Models are sized appropriately via the 'modelscale.ini'
  - Speed scaled based on model size
  - Lightsaber length scaled based on model size
  - Knockback scaled based on model size

* Miscellaneous
  - You can search for other ForceMod III games thru the internet browser "Game:" button
  - "cvarlist.txt" contains the list of ForceMod III cvars and their uses
  - "classlist.txt" contains the corresponding numbers and letters used to represent classes in the .ini files and the various class-related cvars


* Bugs, Issues, Suggestions
  - Please report any bugs, issues, or suggestions you may have on our Forums @ s10.zetaboards.com/PHRG_Empire/index

* Permissions
  - If you are interested in using any part of FM3RE for a project, please feel free to make a request @ VHRGEmpire@gmail.com or @ blackwyrmheart1@gmail.com
  - I'm typically quick to respond and will more than likely give you permission to use my work because after all, FM3RE would never have been possible at all had it not been for the collected efforts of the dedicated JKIII community

* FM3RE Dedication 
  - FM3RE represents a variety of developers' creative visions, all merged together for the JKIII community to enjoy, and stands as testament to the JKIII community's combined progress in modding JKIII and continuing its legacy
  - FM3RE, in my opinion, demonstrates the best elements of everything we have learned at VHRG over the years in regard to FM3 Mod Devlopment and Competitive FFA Play
  - The collection of these various fine-tuned elements learned can be seen and experienced by the player in FM3RE
  - We at VHRG take great pride in the fact that the ForceMod III Series continues to deliver more content than any other FFA-based module out there time and again
  - With the amount of classes, abilities, and choices given to the player, the VHRG FM3 Series continues to deliver high-quality modules for the JKIII community to enjoy
  - Thus, VHRG dedicates FM3RE to all players of past, present, and future


* Please see the readme packs folder for additional credits & thanks!
  - You were not forgotten and deserve proper praise for all of your hard work!

* I have tried my best in giving proper credit to all those who created the files used in FM3RE (there were a lot of them...)
  - Everyone's files should be accounted for as I saved the .zip files for every file I used in FM3RE and extracted the included readme(s), if any were included, to the appropriate readme pack folder
  - Every readme extracted to each readme pack matches the name of each readme's respective .zip file downloaded

* If for some reason I missed anyone, please let me know of my mistake and I will gladly add your name to the credits, add your respective readme file(s), or remove any unauthorized or unapproved additions to FM3RE
  - For sake of clarification, I would like everyone who downloaded FM3RE to know that FM3RE would never have been possible had it not been for each individual developer's hard work!

* Special thanks to the JKIII community for their continued, dedicated support for JKIII, especially since the game is over a decade old now

* Special thanks to Azymn for all of the hard work he put into making the original ForceMod III and for granting VHRG Empire exclusive permission to continue his work
  - We at VHRG owe our achievements as the successors to the ForceMod III Series to Azymn, as without him, there would be no ForceMod III

* Special thanks to Venomous^Heart >:[ for his continued involvement in FM3RE's development and for his support, this project would never have been possible had it not been for all of his assistance
  - VH designed the clan models in implementing the honorary VHRG Sith Face ( >:[ ) symbol to:
  forsaken_heart and forsaken_hero
  - VH assisted in implementing new artwork to suit FM3RE's theme
  - VH implemented the new main menu video
  - VH was responsible for the color schemes of the Menus used thoughout FM3RE
  - VH designed the in-game HUDs, implementing both new and old elements of the original JKIII HUD and the "Emperor's Tower-Window" for something unique and appropriate
  - VH implemented the new charged force power icons, reflecting the player's respective faction
  - VH removed Purple Style from the Royal Guard Class and replaced it with Yellow Style
  - VH assisted in implementing the new dual saber spin throw special kata
  - VH created the modified katas for duals (left-to-right side katas)
  - VH revised Blue Style animations, giving the form more complexity and utility in its swings
  - VH revised Purple Style, making it into a more controlled form
  - VH created the initial version of our finalized Green Style, reducing its hit box range for better balance

* Special thanks to Pitchest^Heart >:[ for all of his help in balancing Green Style and fixing pre-existing glitches in FM3 that I would have otherwise been unaware of
  - Using VH's original template for fixing the L to R swings of green, PH searched for an animation that would match for the other side
  - PH found one and using both he was then able to stop all inf attacks with green, attacks match (mirrored) and Green now does 1 attack at a time
  - Green Style is still far from useless even after these modifications, it just takes good timing
  - Green has hard coded, top notch power and parry/parry breaking
  - Even with all of it's reduced inf strikes it can still go toe to toe with any form, smashing through their best strikes and blocks with a well timed blow
  - I think what PH did with Green was brilliant and, in my opinion, we have definitely met the criteria for fixing and "balancing" Green Style
  - Special thanks to PH & VH for working together so well on this project

* Special thanks to Venomous^Heart >:[, Forsaken^Heart >:[, Sinister^Heart >:[, Blood^Heart, Steel^Heart, York^Heart, Iskandar^Heart, Snakeblskn, and Pitchest^Heart >:[ for their intensive testing and constructive feedback throughout FM3RE's development

* Special thanks to Jeff: JKHub Community Member, experienced FM3 mod developer, player model/skin developer, and map editor
  - Jeff's JKHub Profile is @ http://jkhub.org/user/491-jeff/ I highly suggest you give his high-quality Files a look. I have even imported some of his work into FM3RE!
  - 5 Mandalorian bots have been added to FM3RE thanks to Jeff's input
  - Countless additions have been made to FM3RE throughout its development thanks to Jeff's thoughtful reviews and constructive feedback
  - Thank you for your continued support and involvement!

* Special thanks to jaexer: JKHub Community Member for his assistance during Final Beta Testing
  - During Final Beta Testing, jaexer identified a problem where, the game would ctd (crash to desktop) when bots spawned troop NPCs
  - The problem was with the fm3server.cfg, and shouldn't be an issue anymore
  - Thanks again for your continued support!

* Special thanks to Rayce (Commander Awesome): JKHub Community Member for his helpful suggestions and praise during Final Beta Testing
  - Thank you for your continued support!

* Special thanks to my friends and fellow Sith in VHRG and at JKHub for motivating me throughout this project and keeping up with FM3RE's progress since its start in Spring, 2013
  - Without my colleagues in VHRG and mentor, Venomous^Heart >:[, FM3RE could never have been what it is today
  - FM3RE's completion is just as much a celebration for you as it is for me, thank you!

* FM3RE would not be what it is today without everyone's involvement within VHRG as well as the community's devotion to FM3
  - I have been very humbled by the support I have received from the JKHub community and various FM3 communities over these past years, thanks again everyone!

* Thank you, my friends and fellow Sith, it's been a hell of a journey developing FM3RE

Please enjoy ForceMod III - Return of The Emperor (FM3RE) and may the force be with you,

Blackwyrm^Heart >:[

"The Emperor is not as forgiving as I am..."